Go Global 101: International Strategy vs. Marketing internacional

Follow along with our new series about the process of going global, from start to finish.

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20 de julho de 2023


Welcome to our Go Global 101 Series! Over the next few weeks, we're going to bring you information and advice you need to know when taking your company global. From the beginning stages of developing an international strategy all the way to choosing the best tradução de websites service, we’re here to guide you. We will explore the significance of website translation and localization in reaching new markets. 

Designed specifically for marketing professionals, our blog aims to provide valuable insights, practical tips, and expert guidance on leveraging the power of localization to drive global success. With the right strategies and approaches, you can engage local audiences, achieve multilingual presence, and unlock substantial ROI without breaking your budget. Let's dive into the exciting world of global marketing and discover how to make your brand truly resonate with international audiences. 

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International Marketing vs. International Strategy 

Our first installment is meant to answer an important question: what is the difference between international marketing and international strategy? International marketing and international strategy are two distinct but interconnected concepts that marketing professionals utilize to expand their reach and achieve success in global markets. International marketing involves the activities and efforts to promote products or services to customers in multiple countries. It focuses on adapting marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics to suit the specific needs and preferences of different international markets. International marketing aims to build awareness, generate demand, and drive leads on a global scale. It involves tailoring marketing messages, branding, and communication channels to effectively connect with diverse audiences in different countries. 

On the other hand, international strategy refers to the overall approach and framework that businesses adopt when expanding their operations globally. It encompasses a broader perspective that goes beyond marketing and encompasses various aspects such as market selection, entry modes, product adaptation, supply chain management, and organizational structure. International strategy takes into account cultural nuances, customer preferences, and go-to-market opportunities in each target market. It involves strategic decision-making and resource allocation to maximize the company's competitive advantage and growth potential 

Marketing professionals utilize international strategy when they need to develop a comprehensive framework for expanding their business operations globally. International strategy goes beyond marketing and encompasses various aspects such as market selection, entry modes, product adaptation, supply chain management, and organizational structure. It involves strategic decision-making to identify target markets, determine the most suitable entry modes, and allocate resources effectively. International strategy enables marketing professionals to align their marketing efforts with broader business objectives, leverage competitive advantages in different markets, and establish a strong global presence. 

When it comes to implementing an international strategy, that is when a business or marketer would look into website translation to gain a greater advantage in the new market. 

So, What is Global Marketing? 

It’s important to make the distinction between these two concepts and global marketing. Global marketing refers to the approach of carrying out marketing operations from the company's headquarters while selling products or services worldwide in different countries. It involves the development and implementation of a single marketing strategy that is applied uniformly in the global market. The focus is on creating standardized product offerings and marketing messages that can be applied universally across different countries.  

The goal of global marketing is to achieve consistency in brand image and marketing communication, leveraging economies of scale and a global customer base. In summary, global marketing involves implementing a uniform marketing strategy across different countries, international marketing focuses on tailoring marketing strategies to specific local markets, and international strategy encompasses a broader framework for global business operations. Global marketing aims for consistency and universality, international marketing emphasizes customization and adaptation, and international strategy guides the overall approach to global expansion. 

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The Power of Website Translation and Localization: What is Global Marketing Localization?  

Global marketing localization is the process of adapting content for international audiences while aligning marketing goals and localization strategies. Localization goes beyond translation, incorporating linguistic, visual, and interactive elements that create an authentic and engaging experience for the target audience. 

No matter how your brand decides to go about reaching new global markets, chances are website translation and localization will be an important part of the strategy. While there is a lot more to consider when going global, like barriers of entry and competitor presence, website translation is usually a great way to test if your company will survive in that new market. 

By understanding international markets, considering local preferences, and implementing localized strategies, businesses can ensure their content is discoverable, relevant, and impactful on a global scale. As we continue through this blog series, we will be highlighting the ways your company can use translation and localization to your advantage and how exactly to do it right 

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Follow Along in the Series 

So, what should your takeaway be from this first blog? By aligning marketing goals with localization strategies, businesses can successfully reach new markets, engage audiences worldwide, and achieve substantial growth. tradução de websites is not just a part of this process but can be a great first step in testing the waters. 

Come back for our upcoming blogs, where we will dive deeper into topics such as software localization, common mistakes to avoid, and valuable tips for building effective global websites. Get ready to unlock your brand's global potential and embark on a path to international success. 

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