Lightview Capital investe na MotionPoint Corporation

A principal empresa de private equity concentra-se em aumentar o crescimento e o posicionamento estratégico das empresas do portfólio.

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31 de março de 2021


Coconut Creek, FL — MotionPoint Corporation, the company trusted to translate and operate more than 1,500 multilingual websites for hundreds of global brands in more than 40 languages, today announced it has completed an investment from Lightview Capital, a leading private equity firm focused on software and business services companies with a focus on enhancing its portfolio companies’ growth and strategic positioning.

Based in Coconut Creek, Florida, MotionPoint combines the power of human translation and technology, empowering companies to create valuable relationships with international customers, partners and distributors.

MotionPoint's industry-leading managed technology platform offers unparalleled flexibility, breadth and depth to accommodate a wide spectrum of enterprise translation needs. It continuously eliminates customer-side effort, accelerates business growth in multilingual markets, and delivers dramatic cost savings compared to other approaches.

The partnership with Lightview enables MotionPoint to accelerate its development of new products, expand its offerings to new and existing markets, and drive greater value for its customers.

"MotionPoint is thrilled to be working with Lightview Capital," said Will Fleming, MotionPoint's co-founder and CEO. "Our companies share the same auspicious long-term view of online and multichannel translation, and the powerful, positive impact it provides businesses and their customers."

“MotionPoint’s effortless managed technology platform provides a compelling value proposition to many growing organizations,” said Rich Erickson, co-founder and Managing Partner of Lightview Capital. “The company is at the epicenter of an $8 billion market1 driven by several strong secular trends, including the rapidly expanding digital economy and the continued globalization of online content and e-commerce.

"The company's proprietary software-combined with its focus on delivering a seamless customer experience-uniquely positions it as a market leader," Erickson added. "We're excited to partner with the MotionPoint management team to continue to build on their success."

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A MotionPoint reduz a complexidade operacional e os custos de localização de websites. The company's effortless managed technology platform is built to translate, deploy, and operate multilingual websites, optimizing the customer experience across channels. A sede da MotionPoint está localizada em Coconut Creek, Fla.

About Lightview Capital
Lightview Capital is a leading private equity firm investing exclusively in business services sectors across the lower middle market. Lightview is focused on providing its portfolio companies deep industry knowledge, insightful experience, and active resources to unlock growth and drive value. Lightview Capital's approachable investment style combines deep operational and financial experience with an entrepreneurial spirit that delivers measurable results.

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