Conector de tradução da MotionPoint para AEM

Lançar e gerenciar sites multilíngues é rápido e fácil com nosso conector de tradução para Adobe Experience Manager.

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24 de janeiro de 2022


MotionPoint’s Translation Connector for AEM easily integrates with your Adobe Experience Manager CMS, enabling you to instantly assign digital content for translation. Take hold of a seamless, scalable, and customizable approach to managing your translation workflow and start delivering world-class translations at industry-leading speed.

AEM Connector Translation Capabilities

Controle criativo total

Our AEM translation connector enables you to exercise granular control over your localized content. Assign webpages to be translated by world-class human linguists. Localize page tags, metadata, page assets, component strings, experience fragments, content fragments and more. You can even customize any translated sentences you receive on the fly and do it all without ‘copy pasting’ content or sending a single email.

Interface intuitiva

Uma interface intuitiva permite adicionar páginas da web individuais ou seções inteiras do seu website ao fluxo de trabalho de tradução. Once translation is complete, you can approve or reject translations.

Translation Scope

Determine a project's word count before submitting it for translation. You'll also receive other helpful information, including:

  • The number of words that have already been translated and are stored in your project’s translation memory database (which will be republished at no additional cost to you)!
  • The number of new words that will require translation
  • The number of images that will require translation

MotionPoint’s Superior Translation Quality

The linguists behind our connectors are among the world's best. They leverage authoritative resources and proven processes to ensure translation quality, accuracy, and authenticity.

Translation Preview

Once your translations are complete, you may access this feature to preview how they'll appear on a localized version of your website. This feature helps ensure your site has an aesthetically pleasing and functional UX (no more misalignments and broken text templates).

Additional Capabilities

MotionPoint’s translation connector for AEM CMS offers other flexible options, including:

  • Approving and rejecting translations
  • Controlling the frequency or time of day when a translation request is submitted to MotionPoint
  • And robust administrative control for bespoke settings


Suas traduções, à sua maneira. With MotionPoint’s AEM translation connector, you’ll receive high-quality translations, fast. You’ll always have complete control over your translation workflow, and you’ll have full control over how your translations are crafted, and how your brand is presented across languages and markets.

Never copy-paste content from your CMS again.

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