The Complete Guide to Going Global

If you’ve thought about taking your business global, read our latest blogs all about website translation and localization for reaching new markets.

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15 de agosto de 2023


Taking your business to new foreign markets can be a daunting process. Through expert tradução de websites and localization, you’ll find that your business is able to communicate effectively with any multilingual market you wish to target. 

To help you create your new marketing plan for going global, we've compiled and summarized our recent Go Global series. Check out some of our most valuable international market entry strategies: 

#1: International Strategy vs. Marketing internacional 

This first blog discusses the distinctions between international marketing and international strategy for expanding business operations globally. International marketing involves adapting marketing strategies for products or services to cater to various international markets, focusing on building awareness and gaining leads through tailored messaging and communication channels. On the other hand, international strategy encompasses a comprehensive approach beyond marketing, covering aspects like market selection, entry modes, product adaptation, supply chain management, and organizational structure. The article emphasizes that international strategy goes beyond marketing and should involve adapting content for international audiences while aligning marketing goals and localização de websites strategies. The article’s purpose is to provide marketing professionals with insights and guidance on leveraging localization to achieve global success. 

#2: Localizing Your Digital Business Tools 

Do you know the significance of localizing your digital business tools? When it comes to thorough and successful global expansion, adopting a localization strategy goes beyond website translation. You can't forget about your business' apps, payment portals, digital kiosks, and other B2C. By investing in software localization, companies can enhance customer experiences, build trust, and drive business growth in new territories. The article highlights the importance of localizing payment portals to provide a frictionless experience by accepting local currencies and integrating popular payment methods. We outline benefits of this process such as language and cultural relevance, enhanced user experience, and improved customer support that result from high-quality software localization. 

#3: Top 3 Tips for Global Business Websites 

Putting in the time to traduzir seu website has immense benefits, but there are extra steps to optimize your performance. It's also crucial to make sure your new multilingual site performs and thrives in a new market. This blog contains our top 3 tips for an effective transition to a new foreign market, emphasizing that things like dynamic content, videos, and formatting are essential for engaging with diverse audiences and building trust. Learn how to build your international SEO and select the right website translation technology for your brand. 

#4: Localizing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns 

You likely have a robust marketing strategy for your brand, but are you adopting it for your new multilingual audience? Learn how to effectively engage international audiences by localizing your digital marketing, focusing on adapting messaging, promotion channels, and product portfolios to resonate with local preferences. We address the common challenges in advertising localization, such as avoiding misunderstandings due to cultural differences. Make sure you provide consistent and seamless experiences across devices and channels to achieve higher customer retention and engagement rates. 

#5: The Best Global Website Translation Services and Tools 

Our final blog in the series is an outline of the best global website translation services and tools. We want to help you choose the right website translation option for your specific localization strategy. We outline our various website translation options, like proxy translation, Adaptive Translation™, and translation integrations. We aim to help your business make informed decisions aligned with your goals and priorities for successful global expansion. Our website translation services and tools can help you reach a wider audience, foster trust, and maintain brand loyalty. 

Learn More About Going Global with MotionPoint 

Want to learn more about any of these topics? From translation to localização de websites to global marketing, the translation technology experts at MotionPoint are here to help your business thrive in multilingual markets. Reach out to us today to learn about our limited time BOGO offer—get two new languages for the price of one!  

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