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Six of the top ten U.S. banks use MotionPoint for financial services website translation.

Achieve regulatory compliance and reach new markets with high quality website localization.

Laptop and Website for financial Company Laptop and Website for financial Company

Reach Your Online Banking Goals with Translation for Financial Services Websites

The top reasons financial services companies invest in translation services are complying with regulations (18%), managing processes (7%), and retaining customers (5%). Financial translation done for you, including:

Financial Documents and Reporting

With the decreasing demand for paper copies of reports, MotionPoint's solution supports organizations in their digital transformation by offering efficient and accurate financial translation services that are both highly automated and highly accurate. As financial regulations differ across countries, MotionPoint's expertise in navigating complex and varied rules ensures that translated content adheres to the specific requirements of each market.

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Our machine learning technology and expertise in financial regulations enables accurate translation and compliance with local regulations. We work closely with you to ensure the right words, phrases, and synonyms are utilized and stored in your translation memory, while still delivering localized and accurate financial content translations

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Fintech Apps

MotionPoint also utilizes a technology-driven approach to translate dynamic content within apps. Our technology addresses issues like differing string lengths and typography across languages to deliver a consistent content experience across all platforms.

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Six of the Top Ten US Banks Use MotionPoint for Financial Services Website Translation

MotionPoint offers all financial institutions an effortless, secure way to localize all lines of their business for their linguistically diverse clientele. It's why more than half of the U.S. Top 10 banks use our turn-key solution.

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Rio Bank Wins with Concierge-Level Website Localization

O Rio Bank testemunhou o que a tradução fez com as pesquisas de satisfação de seus clientes e percebeu que tinha uma grande oportunidade de atender melhor aos falantes de espanhol. The team reached out to MotionPoint after noticing that competitors and national banks use them to support their in-language operations

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Localize, Launch, and Manage Your Banking Website Your Way

Choose your approach to website translation. No matter how you want to manage your website, we help you reduce costs and complexity.
MP Core: Tradução baseada em proxy

A maneira mais rápida e econômica de lançar e manter websites multilíngues. Gerenciamos todo o projeto para você, permitindo que sua equipe permaneça focada nas principais prioridades. With the proxy approach, you'll get:

New websites translated in 60 days or less

Content updates within one business day

A Translation Memory that is constantly updated, keeping costs low

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MP Core: Integrações de tradução

Nossas integrações facilitam a gestão da localização de websites, caso você prefira uma abordagem prática. Os conectores, plug-ins e API da MotionPoint vinculam instantaneamente o conteúdo do seu website aos nossos tradutores profissionais. Use MotionPoint's API or any of the following:

Adobe Experience Manager

Drupal Translation Connector

WordPress WPML Plugin

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