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O Vice-presidente sénior da MotionPoint comenta os desafios do comércio eletrónico na Multichannel Merchant

Lançar websites de comércio eletrónico em mercados internacionais é uma grande oportunidade de crescimento. Contudo, as empresas devem estar cientes dos desafios, escreve um executivo da MotionPoint.

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25 de setembro de 2015


For retailers, leveraging e-commerce to expand into international markets is a major growth opportunity. But companies should be aware of several pitfalls before “going global,” writes Charles Whiteman in a recent post at Multichannel Merchant.

Whiteman, MotionPoint’s SVP of Client Services, shared four key challenges (and suggestions to eliminate them), so companies can do what they do best: engage with customers and sell them world-class products.

The stakes are high: Global B2C e-commerce is poised to hit $2.3 trillion in 2018, but nearly 60% of global consumers spend more time on sites in their own language than they do in English-or boycott English-language websites altogether. Localized sites are key.

Learn how to successfully navigate this tricky space to generate more international revenue at Multichannel Merchant.

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