It’s critical to reach international customers in unique ways, and in their preferred languages.

But savvy marketers know it’s also important to maintain brand continuity around the world, too.

Walking this tightrope can be tricky. Making too much of an effort to appeal to local cultures through content customization can appear a bit “try hard” and inauthentic to global customers. In contrast, a one-size-fits-all standardization approach ignores the preferences of all local markets.

Fortunately, there are ways to apply the best practices of both approaches to best serve your customers around the world.

This e-book will teach you:

  • The difference between customization and standardization, and why both contribute to business success in global markets
  • Best practices to determine which website content to standardize, and what to localize
  • How to utilize both approaches in your website localization strategy

Get actionable insights from website translation experts that can help you strike the right balance between standardization and customization without complicating your marketing processes—and staying within your budget.

Este livro eletrônico aborda:

  • Questions that can inform the right balance of customization and standardization to meet your global business needs
  • Examples of companies that succeeded—and failed—at finding the right approach
  • Tips that can positively impact international SEO and your online customer experience

Remember: Keeping a balance between standardization and customization is achievable with an experienced translation partner. These vendors understand the value of maintaining brand consistency, and personalizing your messaging for global customers.

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