Website Translation for Any Setor

Only 20% of the world speaks English. Don't hold your business back by neglecting multilingual consumers.

We can help you reach a wider audience by targeting non-English markets. Businesses that translate their website content see a 25-70% boost in their sales revenue.

The Industries and Professionals We Help The Most

At MotionPoint, we have the unique advantage of being able to serve all markets. From healthcare to travel and hospitality, our mix of machine learning technology and expert linguists ensures your content is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Website Translation for Retailers

With customers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, Urban Outfitters needed to re-evaluate its international strategy. We helped them engage their two largest European markets: Germany and France.

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Website Translation for Financial Services

6 of the top 10 U.S. banks use MotionPoint. We help them gain international members while complying with local laws and regulations.

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Tradução de websites para fabricantes

A global B2B manufacturer experienced improved customer satisfaction and cost efficiency by localizing their CX with MotionPoint’s proxy solution.

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Website Translation for Healthcare

A top 5 U.S. Health Insurer wanted to better serve its Spanish speaking market. MotionPoint's solution required fewer than five hours of IT effort to implement and took only 90 days to localize the customer portal.

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Website Translation for Travel and Hospitality

MotionPoint helped a 5 star luxury hotel translate and launch their Spanish and Portuguese websites in under 90 days, with minimal involvement from their IT team.

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Website Translation for Software and Technology

With our proxy translation technology, we’ve helped a tech company keep its websites, secure portals, user guides and knowledge bases continually localized and up-to-date.

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Other Industries We Serve:

Non-Profit Organizations
Real Estate
Life Sciences

Multilingual websites can reach 75% more internet users whose primary language isn't English. Additionally, businesses with multilingual websites experience a 70% increase in conversion rates.

No matter your industry or business goals, our technology delivers the right quality of website translation for your brand.

Website Translation and Localization Solutions for All Situations

No matter your industry, size, or target market, MotionPoint has a solution for you. That's because we offer the top website translation technology that is versatile and customizable.
Learn about our how we help these industry professionals with various website translation options:

Tradução baseada em proxy

A translation proxy server works between the original website and the end users to generate translations on-the-fly. It replaces the original content with its translated version when a global user accesses the website or app without them noticing a thing. This is a great, hands-off solution for companies of all sizes.

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Adaptive Translation™

Adaptive Translation™ has three components: translation memory, algorithmic translation, and artificial intelligence. We offer an additional layer of human review while saving you up to 60% on human translation costs. This is great for large websites that have frequent content updates that need to be done fast!

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Integrações de tradução

APIs are a low-commitment, seamless way for companies to add translation functionality to their websites or apps. They utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to dynamically translate language pairs and provide accurate translations for different languages. This is a great option for simple word-for-word translation projects that don't require additional content translation or localization.

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Let us help you decide which website translation solution fits your needs

Achieve Your Business Goals

Whatever your business goals, website translation and localization can help you get there. With MotionPoint, we make growth easy, with hands-off website translation solutions and Beyond Word Services so you don't experience roadblocks on your path to success.
Succeeding in New Markets

36% of companies that invest in language services do so to access a new market. Whether you're going global or seeking out new domestic markets, you need to speak the language of the locals. We can help you do just that.

Acquiring New Customers

Website localization can grow search traffic by 47%, boost website visits by 70%, and increase conversion rates by 20%. Think of all the new customers you can reach by optimizing your website for their languages.

Complying with Regulations

The second most common reason companies tranlsate their content is to comply with local laws and regulations (18%). Don't subject your business to lawsuits or fines.

Simplifying Business Processes

Content translation can make your business processes smoother and more accessible. You may need to adapt things like training videos, contracts, HR material, data sheets, healthcare information, and more.

Let’s Chat

By using MotionPoint’s concierge-level proxy localization platform, you can better serve your markets with a relevant and effective multilingual website with unmatched translation accuracy.

Don't burden your internal marketing teams. Work with MotionPoint and save up to 60% on human translation costs today.

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